Purpose-First Training & Development

These intensive 1 to 3 day training experiences are for forward-thinking teams that want to try on the purpose-first mindset and transform into a tribe that is driven, loyal, and inspired.

What can I expect at a

Purpose Pioneers training?

Ignite Your Millennial Workforce

Learn how to ignite your Millennial workforce around meaning, purpose, and impact. Transform them into a loyal, hard-working and fulfilled team.

Use Purpose as a Powerful Sales Tactic

Are sales down? Purpose can fix that. Learn how to implement a purpose-driven sales strategy that will attract loyal customers that rave about your brand.

Attract Hires Aligned with Company’s Purpose

Adopt a purpose-driven recruitment approach that makes your company a magnet for enthusiastic employees that fit the company’s purpose. Save time, money and HR headaches.

“It’s important to put purpose first because I truly believe we’re moving into that era where people are looking for more meaning and more impact. They’re looking at not what they have, but who they’re becoming…”

– Jim Thomas

CEO, Orlando Tech Association

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