The Purpose-First Movement

This movement is led by purpose-driven people pioneering in the era of self-actualization. To thrive in this time, they embrace the purpose-first mindset with a courageous and curious spirit, aligning all of their actions with their deep rooted why. Is it then that we start to fulfill our highest potential and experience meaning in every aspect of life. These purpose pioneers are creating a world where everyone is deeply and truly fulfilled.

Why this movement


The Purpose Economy

We’re entering an economy where meaning is the most valuable currency. People are devoted to reaching their highest potential. Sound familiar? We’re moving up Maslow’s Hierarchy and have reached the self-actualization era. Employees and consumers want to activate self-growth, build community and leave a positive stamp on the world. It’s time to create this world of true fulfillment, which is better for life… and business.

Source: Imperative

The Purpose-First Mindset

This mindset is made up of three key pieces:

  1. Speak your truth from a place of good intention.
  2. Take consistent action to further your purpose.
  3. Constantly realign your thoughts, words, and actions with your purpose.

It begins with setting an intention of how you want to show up in the world, aligning every action and thought with that intention, and constantly asking yourself “why?” Putting purpose first in everything we do is the key to finding meaning and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

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